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a reusable silicone sheet mask for infinite hydration.

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single use sheet masks give you a glow that’s hard to beat, but they kinda suck for your wallet and the planet. there’s never been a great option to replace them… until now.

meet AVANT GUARD, a reusable sheet mask that uses the power of ✨occlusion✨ to make the skincare you already love work harder for you. simply pair with your fave hydrating skincare products and layer AVANT GUARD on top. leave on for as long as you like and reveal hydrated, glowy skin without the price, drippy mess, and problematic waste.

sheet masking is no longer a luxury, it’s a consistent part of your routine 💪


  • reusable 
  • 100% food grade silicone
  • occlusive - locks in moisture to prevent dehydrated skin
  • earloops(!!) to keep your mask super secure, no matter what you’re doing


apply a generous amount of your favorite hydrating product. immediately slap avant guard on top to seal in all the goodness. let it alllll sink in - chill (or don’t chill) for as little as 5 minutes. remove to reveal moisturized and unbothered skin. continue with the rest of your routine.

wash the mask with mild soap and water. hang to dry or towel and place in resealable packaging for storage.


everyone’s face is different so we wanted to offer options to help accommodate as many face shapes and sizes as possible.  

ask yourself these questions before choosing your size: 

  • do you have a prominent jaw line? or feel like you have a very wide/round face?
  • are you tall?
  • do you feel like you have a big head? (lol seriously)

if you answered yes to 2/3 of these questions we suggest you go with the larger size. the small will most likely work for you too, but you might find the ear loops tug more at your ears.